Hi! I’m Matt, more commonly known as my online pseudonym: morocooks. I’ve been around kitchens my whole life, but cooking didn’t become a serious hobby until college – where the alternatives were mediocre cafeteria food or Panda Express. I love orange chicken as much as anyone else, but cooking was the key to getting some much-needed variety.

Through YouTube tutorials, cookbooks, and a lot of overcooked chicken, I eventually got a good grasp of the basics. What I lacked in experience and talent, I made up for with the good old scientific method: Observe, hypothesize, test, repeat. Every time I ate something delicious at a restaurant and inevitably failed to make it just as good at home, I would spend hours obsessively researching the history, ingredients, and techniques behind the dish, then try and try again until I hit it out of the park.

After four years of doing this as a hobby, I (somehow) graduated with my biology degree. I decided to work in a lab while preparing my applications to medical school. The work was fine. The studying? Not so much. I would find myself returning to old habits. I felt way more fulfilled reading about how Hainan chicken became the national dish of Singapore instead of memorizing the Kreb’s Cycle for the third time.

As a creative outlet and a way to justify my procrastination, I started making food videos. I told myself and my friends that I was just doing it for fun, but deep down I hoped I could one day grow a large enough channel to make cooking content my full-time job. Maybe it was the admiration I held for the many content creators that taught me how to cook, or maybe it was hard cope from the MCAT practice books kicking my ass, but either way this was the turning point that changed my life.

Fast forward another three years, I have the job of my dreams. I had to learn a lot of things, not just about cooking, to get to where I am now and I’m still learning each and every day.

Regardless, I am eternally grateful to all of you that enjoy my content and my recipes. Bonus points if you were curious enough to click on this page. I’d thank you twice, but I’m not sure how to do that properly.

Thank you2,

Matt | @morocooks