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Easy Takeout Style Fried Rice


Fried rice is a classic weeknight meal for good reason. It’s quick, delicious, and almost impossible to mess up. But even with the classics, there’s still room for innovation. This recipe uses some traditional takeout techniques to level up the flavor, while still being a cinch for any home cook. […]

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Delicious Rotisserie Chicken in a Regular Oven


Rotisserie chicken is known as a cheap protein source, but it’s capable of so much more. Rotisserie chicken with succulent meat,  crispy skin, and perfect seasoning is a delight for the taste buds only achievable by making it at home. While rotisserie chicken is often made with specialized rotisserie equipment, […]

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Really Good Lasagna (with Bechamel)


The casserole’s cool cousin. Nothing hits the spot the same way a lasagna does. A hearty bolognese sauce, creamy bechamel, all sandwiched between layers of pasta and cheese. And with the right recipe (this one), it’s a total cinch to make.

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Fast and Easy Chicken Shawarma


In a world where the chicken dishes considered most delicious are deep fried and smothered in a calorie-dense sauce, chicken shawarma challenges the status quo. It’s packed with mind-shattering deliciousness, with only a slight uptick in calories and difficulty compared to plain chicken. There isn’t a more perfect food. What […]