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Spam Fried Rice


A takeout staple and a pantry classic combine to make the ultimate meal to make for when you run out of ideas and forget to go grocery shopping. A beginner-friendly dish that hits the spot without breaking the bank. What kind of rice? Cold leftover steamed rice is the best […]

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Spam Kimbap


Fillling The classic kimbap filling formula is carrot, spinach, pickled radish, egg, and some kind of protein. It’s important to remove a lot of the moisture from the fillings, because excess moisture will make the kimbap more easily fall apart. Korean pickled radish is the trickiest to find in the […]

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Garlicky Roasted Tomato Soup


The number one comfort is realizing that nobody actually remembers that one super embarrassing thing you did in middle school that keeps you up at night. A close second to that is eating tomato soup with grilled cheese. This recipe incorporates a whole head of slow roasted garlic to give […]

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2 Ingredient Cashew Cream


I’m not vegan, but when a dish calls for a lot of heavy cream I almost always substitute either greek yogurt or cashew cream. This cashew cream adds the same rich velvety notes heavy cream has, but without making me feel lethargic after eating. A must make for anyone who […]

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5 Ingredient Tacos


Taco night has never been easier. This recipe is easy to make and only requires one pan. Perfect for a busy bee. With a few simple cooking tricks we can pull some really deep flavors out of a small list of ingredients. What kind of chicken should i use? This […]

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Pickled Red Onions


A true fridge champion. If there was an instant “make food less boring” button these pickled onions would be it. Throw on top of all kinds of dishes for a pop of color and flavor. What onions should I use? This recipe works with any onion with very little change […]

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Spam Wellington


A palyful riff off of the Gordon Ramsay classic Beef Wellington. This wellington made with spam is surprisingly palatable. Perfect if you have mushrooms and puff pastry laying around that you just really want to use on something stupid. Make at your own risk. Beef wellington is a rich and […]

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Spam Takoyaki


Takoyaki is a wildly popular Japanese street food originating in Osaka. It consists of dashi flavored pancake balls filled with octopus and other ingredients, smothered in sauces and toppings. This version replaces the octopus with cubes of spam for a neat twist. Things you might need There’s a ton of […]